Operating Instructions

On this page you will find frequently demanded operating instructions for discontinued items for download. Operating instructions for current products can be accessed directly from the product description pages in our product database.

Some of the instruction books listed for download on this page are large files. That is why you may also order them in printed or copied form on paper. A fee of 5 Euros (shipping to European countries) or 10 Euros (overseas shipping) is required for this service. This applies also for instruction books which are not available for download.

Instruction books may also be available from the national distributor. Please check the reseller section of this website for address information and ask.

If you address your inquiry to

Kaiser Fototechnik
Service Dept.
P.O. Box 1262
74722 Buchen
Tel. +49-6281-4070
Fax +49-6281-40755

please do not forget to include your shipping address. You may also use the contact form on this website.

For downloading the pdf files it is recommended to proceed as follows: Click on the link with the right hand mouse button, choose "Select Target As ..." and the folder where to save the file. You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the documents. If the program is not installed on your computer, you can download it here.

Hauck trialux 4025 (until 1997) Download 305 KB
Kaiser trialux 4025 (from 1998 on) Download 294 KB
Kaiser electronic timer 4027 Download 563 KB
Kaiser automatic timer cps 4028 Download 515 KB
Kaiser automatic timer 4032 Download 505 KB
Kaiser automatic timer cpd 4214 Download 1080 KB
Kaiser automatic timer cpd2 4214 Download 900 KB
Kaiser B&W enlarger VP 350 (4401) (until 9/94) Download 4738 KB
Kaiser B&W enlargerer VP 350 (4401) (from 10/94 on) Download 3927 KB
Kaiser enlargers VCP 7002 (4480), VCP 6002 (4460),
VPM 6002 (4530), VP 6002 (4465), VCP 3502 (4420), VP 3502 (4425)
Download 1366 KB
Kaiser enlargers VCP 6001 (4460), VP 6001 (4465),
VCP 3501 (4420), VP 3501 (4425), VPM 3501 (4430)
Download 1205 KB
Kaiser enlargers VCP 6000 (4460), VP 6000 (4465),
VCP 3500 (4420), VP 3500 (4425)
Download 4044 KB
Kaiser enlargers SYSTEM-V (except VP 350):
VP3505/6005/7005/9005, VPM 3505/6005/7005/9005,
VCP 3505/6005/7005/9005, VPE 6005 AF, VME 7005 AF, VCE 7005 AF
Download 16573 KB